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The Birthplace






The OB staff of Cumberland Healthcare believes the birth of a child is one of life’s most precious events. We provide family centered care that focuses on the support, education and wellness of the entire family. Our professional staff are experienced and trained in every aspect of the birth process. We are here to give you personalized obstetrical care, from your early thoughts of becoming pregnant, to the birth of your child, and the first weeks at home. The goal of each nurse and physician is to provide a safe, healthy, and empowering experience for you and your family. We pride ourselves in one-to-one labor support by a Registered Nurse and also the many options we offer for laboring mothers.


Some of these options include:

• Use of the birthing ball

• Massage

• Whirlpool tubs

• Music therapy

• Frequent position changes

• Breathing techniques

• Pain medication options

• Working with your doula, if you choose to have one


The rooms in The Birthplace are very spacious and have large windows with a beautiful view of the morning sunrise. The rooms have wood style flooring and home like décor. The Labor, Delivery, and Post Partum rooms are also equipped with whirlpool tubs for added relaxation during labor and comfort after delivery. All rooms are complete with rocking recliners for your comfort and relaxation. If fathers or support persons would like to spend the night, a bed will be provided for them as well.


Childbirth Education

Childbirth education classes will teach you the difference between true and false labor, the stages of labor, and various relaxation techniques for coping with labor including massage, labor positions, visualization, breathing techniques, and medication options. In addition we will discuss the support person role, possible interventions in labor, cesarean births, post-partum care for mothers, newborn care, development, and safety. A tour of The Birthplace is included as well.

Class Schedule

Register on-line now or call 715-822-6284


Breastfeeding Basics

In this class you will learn the benefits of breastfeeding for Mom, baby, and the whole family. We will also discuss how to make the first days/weeks of breastfeeding go smoothly. You will learn how to position and latch correctly to prevent sore nipples and techniques to ensure a good milk supply. Family members or support persons are encouraged to attend so they can learn how to support the new mom in the first weeks after baby’s birth.

This class is scheduled on a one-to-one basis with our lactation consultant. It can be set up as part of your prenatal education or you can attend after your baby is born.


Sibling Class

Our sibling class helps to prepare children to be new big brother or sister. Children learn how they can help care and comfort the new baby, as well as how they can help Mom and Dad. They will be able to practice diapering and swaddling a doll. They will also be able to tour The Birthplace and see where the new baby and Mom will be staying. Parents will also be provided with information to help ease the adjustment for their child and family.

 Preparing Siblings for New Baby



Classes scheduled upon request

Register on-line now or call 715-822-6284



Barbara Ankarlo, MD

Alan Carlson, MD

Gary Degerman, MD

Gregory Leitheiser, MD

Thomas Lingen, MD


Class Schedules/Register Online

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The Birthplace Other Services

Short Stay Program

This program is offered at no charge to all families who will be delivering at The Birthplace. Once during each trimester of your pregnancy you will have the opportunity to meet with a Registered Nurse from The Birthplace for education tailored to meet your individual needs. Together you will be able to create a birth plan to express your desires during your labor, delivery, and your entire hospital stay.


Home Visit

Every family delivering at The Birthplace is offered a home visit (free of charge) after discharge. On a day and time convenient for you a RN from The Birthplace will come to your home to weigh your baby, check vital signs on Mom and Baby, assist with any feeding troubles, and answer any questions that you may have, now that you are home with your new baby. You will also receive a follow-up phone call by the OB staff.


Lactation Support

After delivery breastfeeding assistance is available, both while you are here and after you leave the hospital. The nursing staff in the department will be happy to assist you in making your breastfeeding experience an enjoyable one.


In Celebration of your baby’s birth we offer you your choice of one of three options:

1. Celebration dinner with a choice of three entrees, vegetable, choice of potato, dessert and sparkling juice.

2. Birthday Party complete with cake, ice cream, beverages, decorative plates and napkins for a group of 6-8.

3. Fruit basket full of delicious fruits, muffins, and assorted treats to take home and enjoy.


Advanced Newborn Hearing Screening

All babies born at The Birthplace will have a newborn hearing screen before going home. This screening is non-invasive and is done while the baby is asleep. The equipment sends a series of soft tones to the ear and essentially listens for the ear to respond. The results are available prior to your discharge home. Early detection of hearing loss ensures early treatment and a decrease in the delay of motor and speech development. All parents receive information on the normal hearing milestones that babies should achieve.


Safe Place for Newborns

In April of 2001 Wisconsin enacted a law which enables any woman on the verge of abandoning her newborn to anonymously turn over her unharmed newborn within 72 hours to any Wisconsin hospital employee, police officer, or emergency personnel without fear of prosecution. Cumberland Healthcare is fully prepared to accept these newborns, assess them, and provide a safe, caring environment until placement is arranged. In addition, if possible, we provide a packet of information to the birth mother including self-care information and support group resources.


Baby’s First Books

Cumberland Healthcare's Volunteer Partners and the Cumberland Public Library provides every baby delivered here with a punch card good for one FREE book for each month during the first year of life.


All of the nursing staff in The Birthplace are certified in Neonatal Resuscitation and STABLE (Timely, effective care of a sick new born).

It is very important to the staff at The Birthplace as well as the physicians at the Cumberland Healthcare Medical Clinic to make your pre-natal experience, pregnancy, labor and delivery, and post-partum experience as remarkable as it can be.  The birth of your child is one of life’s most miraculous events and we are proud and honored to be a part of your experience. If you have any questions about The Birthplace or would like to talk to an OB Nurse, please contact Tammy Becker, OB Coordinator, at 715-822-5162.


For more information, please contact The Birthplace at the Cumberland Healthcare at 715-822-6110.



Preparing your other child or children for life with a new baby begins during your pregnancy. Here are some hints to help with that preparation.
• Let your child develop their own feelings about the baby. Statements like, "You're going to love the baby and helping me care for the baby" may express your heart's desire, but might only serve to irritate your child or set him or her up for conflict if your child doesn't feel the way you predicted.
• Be clear about the fact that newborns do little but eat, sleep, and cry and that it may be awhile before the baby is a true playmate.
• Talk about the different things your older child will show or teach the new baby once it is "out."
• Share childcare with your spouse (if you don't already) so your child won't expect mother's care exclusively.
• Point out pictures of newborns in magazines to prepare your child for the way an infant looks.
• Point out older babies to let your child know that newborn babies do change as they grow.
• Stress the positive and give your child a feeling of status by saying things like, "You're going to be a big brother, rather than, "You're going to have a baby brother or sister."
• Let your child fantasize about the baby by drawing pictures of how he or she thinks it will look. The drawings may offer you an opportunity to correct misconceptions or provide explanations.
• "Borrow" a baby, or babysit one regularly, with two thoughts in mind. First, your child will see how infants act and how much care they need, and second, you'll have a chance to practice having more than one to care for.
• Take your child with you to shop for a new baby outfit together.
• Consider, if you take down the crib, not just moving it to another room, but storing it away for awhile. A child's bed is very personal. You might even want to paint it a different color so it won't stir up memories (and resentments). Or trade crib or stroller items with a friend so it doesn't seem like the new baby is "taking" things.
• Let your preschooler in on your discussion of the baby's name as well as other plans and decisions.
• Let your preschooler feel the baby kicking and listen to the heartbeat with a stethoscope. Some toy stethoscopes work surprisingly well.
• Invite your child to do stretching and muscle-strengthening exercises with you.
• Take your child with you to prenatal checkups. With subsequent visits to the doctor, your child will likely come up with additional questions.