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More people than ever in the U.S. and around the world are living with diabetes. This has caused the public and medical communities to become very concerned. The rise has effected not only the adult population, but with increased obesity rates in children and adolescents they are developing diabetes as well. Prompt treatment after diagnosis is important to lessen the potential devastating effects of poorly controlled diabetes. You play an active role in diagnosing your or a family members diabetes.

The symptoms are often barely noticeable, so it is necessary for you to tell you doctor if you notice any of the following:

• Excessive Hunger
• Excessive Thirst
• Frequent Urination
• Weight Loss
• Blurry Vision
• Frequent Headaches
• Slow Healing Wounds
• Fatigue
• Numbness and Tingling in Hands and Feet
• Skin Infections
• Erectile Dysfunction

If these symptoms are shared with your doctor, you will be more likely to catch you disease in its early stages. You should be particularly aware of these symptoms if you are overweight, rarely physically active, have a close relative with diabetes, or are of Native American, Pacific Islander, African American, Hispanic, or Asian decent. These are know factors for developing diabetes.

After you have been diagnosed with diabetes, specialized care may be needed and your doctor may refer you to a specialist including a podiatrist or ophthalmologist. Frequent regular care of your diabetes is important for preventing or minimizing the effects of diabetes. The doctor caring for you will be just one part of your care team.

A registered nurse and dietitian will meet with you to evaluate your needs and help identify lifestyle changes to manage your diabetes. Sessions may include instruction on blood glucose monitoring, insulin administration, meal planning, medication instruction and exercise. The number of sessions required will depend on your personal needs.

A doctor's referral is needed and an appointment can be scheduled by calling:
 715-822-6107 or 715-822-6148.

For more information on diabetes research, news, definitions, statistics, recipes and nutrition go to