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The Cumberland Healthcare Surgical Department is dedicated to making your surgical experience a comfortable and personal experience. Our highly trained staff provide care and service 24-hours a day, seven days a week, for both inpatient and outpatient surgical services. We are continually adding new specialists and new technology to bring you the highest level of care available. We follow the standards for best practices established nationally for surgery, anesthesia and sterilization of equipment.



General Surgery

Kenneth J. Garrison, MD, FACS, ABS



Thomas Peller, MD, FAC


Pain Management

John Brendel, MD


Obstetrical / Gynecological Surgery

Gary Degerman, MD 


Ophthalmology Surgery

Ronald H. Lange, MD


Orthopedic Surgery

Troy Berg, MD

Jose Padilla, MD


Plastic/Reconstructive/ Hand Surgery

J. Clint Merrick, MD


Podiatric Surgery

Eric F. Caporusso, DPM, FACFAS

Gregory J. Mack, DPM, FACFAS

Annette B. Caporusso, DPM


Urologic Surgery

David Katz, MD


Anesthesia - The Anesthesia Department at Cumberland Memorial Hospital is staffed with two Board Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA's), each with over 20 years of anesthesia experience. The department provides anesthesia care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for scheduled and emergency procedures.


Inpatient / Outpatient Surgery - Many of our surgical patients are inpatients, meaning they stay overnight more than one night. The majority of our patients are able to use our 3-day Same Day Surgery unit. With the use of new technology many of our surgical patients can go home within a few hours instead of several days.


Preoperative Surgical Plan - Once your surgery is scheduled you will need a physical. Please consult your physician regarding any medications you are on and any vitamins, herbs, or over the counter drugs you may be taking. Some of you may need to stop several days to several weeks before your surgery.

• You will be called the day before your surgery by staff to confirm your surgery and time of arrival

• The night before your surgery you may eat a light supper

• Do not eat or drink anything after midnight unless otherwise instructed

• There may be some medication you will be instructed to take the morning of your surgery

• If for some reason you are unable to keep your surgical appointment, please contact your doctor and the hospital surgical department as soon as possible

• If you develop a cold, sore throat, fever or other illness, contact your doctor as soon as possible.


Day of Surgery

• Plan to arrive at Cumberland Hospital as directed, which will be 1-2 hours prior to surgery

• Upon arrival, register at the Admission Office just inside the main entrance. After registration you will be escorted to the Same Day Surgery waiting area

• Shower the evening before and the morning of your surgery with antibacterial soap before coming to the hospital. Do not apply powders or creams to your surgical site area

• You may not wear contact lenses during surgery so plan on wearing glasses as needed

• Do not wear make-up, nail polish or jewelry

• Remember “nothing to eat, drink, smoke or chew after midnight” unless instructed otherwise by your doctor, this includes water

• You may brush your teeth – but don’t swallow any water

• Please bring a list of your prescriptions and over-the-counter medication

• Be sure to have someone available to drive you home, you will not be allowed to drive home

• If you smoke – stop smoking as many weeks or days before surgery that you can but at least 24 hours before and 24 hours after, Cumberland Hospital is a smoke free facility.


After Surgery

• You will go to the recovery room, the length of time is dependent upon the type of anesthesia used

• Your surgeon will talk with your family in the waiting area

• If your surgery is inpatient – your family may go back to your hospital room after talking to the surgeon

• If your surgery is outpatient – your family may come sit with you when you return from recovery

• While in Same Day Surgery you will have your blood pressure taken and your dressings will be checked

• If you are feeling any discomfort your surgeon will have medication ordered to relieve this

• You will be given water, juice, and a muffin if you desire


At Discharge

• Your nurse will review your postoperative instructions with you and your family

• Follow up appointments will be made if necessary

• Your postoperative prescriptions will be called to the pharmacy of your choice

• You will not be allowed to drive home so be sure you have a ride available

• A nurse will call you the day after surgery to see how you are feeling, and to answer any questions

• Call the hospital if you have questions or concerns that you feel need to be addressed immediately