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Wound Care

Physical Therapists play a major role assisting the body in healing various wound types including:

• Diabetic ulcers

• Chronic, non-healing wounds

• Surgical site wounds

• Pressure ulcers

• Venous insufficiency

• Arterial insufficiency

• Burns

• Traumatic injury


Our Physical Therapists work with your primary care provider or specialist to provide individualized treatment to promote wound healing allowing individuals to return to normal movement and function.


Following a thorough evaluation skilled physical therapy treatment may include any of the following interventions:

• Skilled dressings changes

• Debridement

• Electrical stimulation

• Vacuum assisted closure

• Pressure relief/unloading recommendations

• Gait analysis

• Recommendation on protective footwear

• Functional mobility retraining

• Patient education

• Home exercise program development to improve strength and flexibility


Specializing in the Clinical Treatment of Various Wound Types